Tate Kirgiss is a singer/songwriter currently residing in West Lafayette, Indiana. With a mixture of styles including folk, blues, bluegrass and rock & roll, it's hard to pinpoint his exact sound. Often performing as a solo acoustic act, or with his bluegrass band "Tate Kirgiss & The Rattlesnakes," Tate enjoys playing his songs in new renditions and incarnations. You can find Tate's latest album - "Chasing Light" - on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most other large online music distributions.

Tate works full time as the Director of Worship & Arts at Purdue Christian Campus House where he oversees the worship teams, Greyhouse Music, and Greyhouse Studios. You can snag any of the music from Campus House Worship for free on NOISETRADE.com.


Growing up as the son of an Area Director, Tate is familiar with the mission and purpose of Young Life. Since 2010, he has served on five summer assignments as the special musician, countless fall/winter weekends, work weeks, leader weekends, family camps, and banquets. He has experience in an all the ministry areas including Young Life, WyldLife, Capernaum, and Young Lives. Aside from just sharing his own music at camp, he is also experience leading club music for all the ministry areas including multi-cultural sessions. He has a unique club-music style, typcially leading with just an acoustic guitar, a kick drum, vocals, and a lot of stage energy. He is also very familiar and comfortable leading worship for assigned teams, leaders, and campers, as well as leading and calling the square dance. Tate has had a number of program characters over the years and spent a summer as a sound tech intern at Timber Wolf Lake (so he has a soft spot and understanding for the program team). 

Here are a few testimonials from Young Life staffers:

Tate Kirgiss is a blessing to the mission of Young Life! Tate has grown up around the Young Life world, so he completely understands and lives our mission. I have had the pleasure of serving on a summer assignment at Castaway with Tate while he was the camp musician.  He has the heart of a servant, and looks for opportunities on how he can be a blessing to any team. Tate has even written a lot of music that is designed for a Young Life setting, so it fits with a summer camp schedule or any Young Life event. Tate's love for the Lord is very evident. He was a great teammate, and I would love to serve with him again in the future.  He will connect well with any crowd!

-Brett Hersma, Sr. Regional Director, Chicago, IL

Tate Kirgiss loves Jesus. If he couldn't play the guitar, drums, piano, and whatever other instruments he plays, I would still want him around the kids that Young Life leaders pursue in Carmel. I first met Tate four years ago while he was serving as a summer-long intern at Timber Wolf Lake. This was before he fully committed to serving through music, and though his life circumstances have changed, and the ways in which the Lord uses him have changed, what Tate offers has not. During that summer at Timber Wolf Lake, Tate served behind the scenes in order to set the stage for Christ to show up in kids' lives. Through his musical talents and passion, he is continuing to do the same thing. I have been on a month long assignment with Tate, and I have hired him to play at multiple banquets, and the reason you MUST utilize Tate is this... he is an asset to the continuing growth of Christ's Kingdom here on earth. Tate's humble stage-presence and musical beauty point toward Christ in ways camp videos, leader interviews, and banquet talks cannot. Reach out to Tate Kirgiss and show your YL kids, parents, committee, and leaders glimpses of the Kingdom they haven't encountered before.

-John Balmat, Area Director, Carmel, IN

I have had the great privilege of serving alongside Tate on several Young Life and WyldLife weekends and a couple of summer assignments. Tate always brings so much to the team. Tate’s love for Jesus is made very clear from the first time you meet him. He is always seeking to grow in his relationship with Him. He has a great personality that is incredibly easy to be around. He loves people of all ages very, very well. Tate is a very gifted musician. His own songs are a great picture of the Gospel and real life. The thing that makes Tate such a great addition to any team is his ability to truly lead singing at club or worship with the team. I have heard many musicians who are very talented but struggle with leading others from upfront. He is a gifted song leader. He does not draw attention to himself when he is leading. He is fun and outgoing and is able to bring people with him in his music. I would have Tate come and do music for me every time I lead a weekend or summer camp. He is a great gift to our mission.

-Corky Erickson, Area Director, Washtenaw County, MI


Apart from leading worship and traveling to perform his own musical act, Tate also plays lead guitar for and travels nationally with Mike Mains & The Branches.




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